Zuckerschmuck® for your Freestyle Libre

Details about Zuckerschmuck® stickers:

Style your Libre just as you like with our exactly fitting Libre Stickers. For each fancy and age there are many models on classical white ground or glamourous glittering silver. The stickers are printed on a special long lasting film which is water resistant. One sticker is enough for the current time of the sensor of about 14 days. 

Details about Zuckerschmuck® tapes:

The framing tape for your Libre glucosensor has several functions:  It safely fixes the sensor at the skin and covers the unpretty white frame coloured according to the Libre Sticker. The tape also decorates the sensor in circle, heart- or blossomform.


Fixtape (for stucking over the sensor) is available in three sizes:
1. Zuckerschmuck® "Fixtape small" 5cm x 7cm is suitable to cover Freestyle Libre or catheters.
2. Zuckerschmuck® "Fixtape large" 6cm x 8,3cm and "Fixtape flower" 9cm is suitable to cover Freestyle Libre, continuous glucose monitoring systems like Enlite and catheters.


Our tapes are produced by well fixing material of high value (original Rocktape) and get cut by laser for looking perfect and not fraying out.

Zuckerschmuck® tapes are made from 97% cotton and 3% nylon. The adhesive is a hypo-allergenic, acrylic-based and contains no Latex. Zuckerschmuck® tapes are nearly twice as stretchy as other brands of tape. They are suitable for stucking over the sensor because they are 100% breathable.
Tip: The tape is especially well fixed by rubbing on the skin. Also have a look at our "Tips to fix".
Please attend to the tape's firmness: It varies between number and length of time in contact with water and activities. Wearing one sensor for 14 days you generally use one or two tapes for the continuity of a perfect and fixing look.