Zuckerschmuck® Tapes for Enlite:

Our "Fixtape flower" and "Fixtape oval large" are suitable to fix Enlite sensors safe and beautiful.

All our tapes are made of Rocktape, some variations are made of the extra water resistant Version (H2O).  This tape is originally produced for athletics like professional swimmers and shall help fixing the sensor (for example Enlite, Dexcom, Libre) better especially with a lot of contact to water.

"Fixtape flower" has an external diameter of 9 cm, the size of "Fixtape oval large" is 9,5cm x 7cm.


Our tapes are produced by well fixing, breathing active material of high value (original Rocktape) and get cut by laser for a perfect look not fraying out.


Zuckerschmuck® tapes are made from 97% cotton and 3% nylon. The adhesive is a hypo-allergenic, acrylic-based and contains no Latex. Zuckerschmuck® tapes are nearly twice as stretchy as other brands of tape.
Tip: The tape is especially well fixed by rubbing on the skin after sticking up. According to manufacturer information one tape will last up to 5 days for the continuity of a perfect and fixing look. For details please have a look at our "Tips to fix".