About Zuckerschmuck®:

Hello! My name is Sonja, I'm the founder of Zuckerschmuck® and myself Type 1 diabetic for 28 years, fortunately without any sequelae. At first I was set to the then strict conditions under ICT to eat with fixed meal times and bread unit requirements and the strict ban on sweets (yes, it was so!), 12 years ago I switched to insulin pump therapy and was finally able to eat more flexible and at the same time improve my treatment goals. Despite all the advantages I found my insulin pump always aesthetically disturbing and could never openly admit to me. So I hid my diabetes largely from the public and only close friends and relatives knew about all of them! I was a very secretive diabetic!

As in the end of 2014 the "bloodless" measurement system Freestyle Libre came on the market, I wanted to have this necessarily! The disadvantage here you can see a white sensor picked on the arm, for my aesthetic sensibilities a very careless and medical optic! This gave me the idea to design embellishment for diabetes aids, not only for the Freestyle Libre, but also for insulin pump catheters, other CGM systems and patch pumps.

My idea for startup Zuckerschmuck®, founded in early 2015, was born: diabetes should receive a fashionable component, every diabetic should be able to deal with and feel well and beautiful. Ultimately, it is my goal to contribute to improve the acceptance and perception of the type 1 diabetes in society.

The praise and positive feedback from Zuckerschmuck® customers make me very happy!