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Zuckerschmuck®'s mission:

Diagnosis diabetes 1 comes unexpectedly and can upset your former live. Unfortunately you can't change the reality either by more moving or by changing nourishment. Luckily there is always modern medical help, which makes sweet life easier. Beside of all possibilities it is often very functional an optical less attractive. 
The mission of Zuckerschmuck®: Life with diabetes type 1 has earned more than an unkind white tape plastered on the belly for fixing catheters. Or thick stripes of tapes fixing the Omnipod or Glucosensor at the arm. Diabetes shall not look medically but pretty!


Zuckerschmuck® will help you feeling better with diabetes.


All Zuckerschmuck® German brand products are manufactured under highest quality standards with 

best raw materials, very skin-friendly and durable.

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